All-new Volkswagen Passat nears public debut

New Passat will be mechanically similar to the Golf and will spawn a hybrid version

The all-new Volkswagen Passat is close to its public debut, as these latest spy shots show. Based on the largest version of the MQB platform, the Passat is one of VW’s most important models. In 2013 the Passat family was the fifth best-selling VW brand model globally, shifting 651,027 units, down from 705,784 in 2012.

The mechanical make-up of the new Passat will closely mirror that of the current Golf, with a range of downsized turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, the option of all-wheel drive and a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

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Volkswagen reveals new R-Line for 2014 Tiguan

Volkswagen’s little SUV, Tiguan, is lightly refreshed for 2014 and has a new R-Line trim option, along with a few additions to the technology and optional feature lineup.

This affordable compact utility is somewhere between boxy and curvy, with a slightly protruding nose; a wide, horizontally slatted grille; and piercing, upward-slanting headlamps. The side is marked by a rising waistline and low character lines across the bottom third of the doors, which are topped by large windows. The rear is dominated by a little bulb of a rear liftgate and integrated spoiler. Roof rails are standard, as are 16-inch alloy wheels (17-, 18- and 19-inch wheels are available on various trim lines).

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Volkswagen readies new design language

“It’s time for a new look,” said an insider, who explained that the theme will retain certain features, such as the link between the grille and headlamps, although these trademark details will evolve.

As an example, the insider cited the Sportsvan concept, which previews the Golf Plus and was unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show. That model is due out next year, with VW already confirming it won’t use either the Golf or Sportsvan name for the production version. It’s 134mm longer than the outgoing Golf Plus, and 83mm longer than the five-door Golf on which it is based.

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One-of-a-kind Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI

This new Volkswagen has a three-litre engine boasting 500bhp, can do 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds and costs a jaw-dropping £3.4 million. The Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI is a one-of-a-kind superhatch, which has more than double the power of a standard Golf GTI. With a top speed of 186mph, it is on a par with some of the world’s fastest supercars.

While it bears some resemblance to a Golf GTI, the only thing it shares in common with the big-selling German car is its windscreen.

It is slightly shorter, lower and wider than a standard GTI and has a set of huge 20-inch alloy wheels and 15-inch brakes to supply the four-wheel drive car with strong stopping power.

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Classic Volkswagen Monopoly Becomes a Reality

We all are familiar with the famous board game Monopoly. It originally came out way back in 1935 by the Parker Brothers, and over the years, the game has basically remained the same, although the graphics have been up-dated, and over 275 million games have been sold. In recent times, Hasbro, the game’s current maker, has licensed special editions or versions of the game using different themes and look of the board, but no matter what, Monopoly still plays the same. So finally, those of us who love older Volkswagens, the ones that used the classic air-cooled engine, will now have a special Monopoly all to their own. Coming out this October 6, a brand new Monopoly will be released that is right up our alley. Called Monopoly — Classic Volkswagen Collector’s Edition. This limited edition board game has been custom designed and tailored to Volkswagen enthusiasts — us!

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VW to unveil 100 percent electric Golf

Volkswagen has officially confirmed that its e-Golf, the first version of the brand’s emblematic compact car to run entirely on electricity, will have its world premiere in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Italian website reports that the model will have a 115 horsepower engine and a range of 109 miles.

According to, the e-Golf’s 115 horsepower electric motor will provide a top speed of 84 mph. To strike the optimum balance between performance and efficiency in different driving situations, the model is said to allow drivers to switch between different modes. The “economy” mode, for example, will bring the motor’s power down to 95 horsepower and its top speed to 75 mph. In terms of range, the e-Golf’s lithium-ion battery offers a range of 109 miles and a charging time of 5 hours.

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Volkswagen Passat turns 40

Seven generations of Passat have graced streets around the world, and today is the long-running Volkswagen’s 40th birthday. Looking at the car today, it’s hard to imagine that it was offered as a hatchback in its first and second generations, in addition to the sedan and wagon body styles. But there’s no question Volkswagen has sold a lot of Passats over the years, with over 20 million produced.

VW started delivering the B1-generation Passat on July 25, 1973, and sold it until 1980, when the second generation came out. The B2, which went by many names in different markets, was produced from 1980-87 (longer in some markets, such as China, where it was produced until 2012) and featured technology you might recognize in many of today’s VWs, such as a turbo-diesel engine option. The B3 generation was produced from 1987-93 and, styled with aerodynamics in mind, starts looking more like a Passat in this writers opinion. The B4, produced from 1993-97, was safer and had a stiffer body but followed the same formula as the previous generation.

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VW Golf Alltrack Rendering

We’ve just stumbled upon these renderings for a chunky looking Golf Alltrack, based on the Golf 7 Variant (estate sold in the US as the Jetta SportsWagen in the US).

Volkswagen makes a number of beefed up versions of its cars, like the CrossTouran MPV or the CrossPolo, but there is only one Alltrack model, and that is based on the Passat.

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Volkswagen to roll out new engine in 2014

Volkswagen will be introducing a new engine and a whole host of new trim levels for 2014.

Volkswagen recently announced a handful of changes to its North American lineup for 2014. Headlining the tweaks is the replacement of the 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine in favour of something down one cylinder but with more torque: a 1.8-litre turbo-four. This particular engine pumps out the same 170 horses as the 2.5L five-banger, but ups torque by seven pound-feet to 185.

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Volkswagen Golf Production Reaches 30 Million

The Golf is easily the most important car not just in its class but also for the Volkswagen brand in general. It’s the model model most people aspire to own, the best blend of practicality and compact dimensions, but also a technological showcase in its 7th incarnation.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the sales figures! As of today, Volkswagen has produced 30 million Golfs across seven generations and almost 40 years of history. The landmark car rolled off the assembly line today in Wolfsburg.

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