VW Golf TDI SportWagen concept is a taste of delicious things to come

Feast your eyes on the new longroof model of the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf – something we’ve already seen with Variant badging overseas. This concept (yes, it really is a concept) previews the next Golf SportWagen that will go on sale in the US in early 2015, and makes its official debut next week at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

Why the concept designation? The car you see here uses a TDI clean-diesel engine and Volkswagen’s 4Motion all-wheel drive. Oh sure, when the car comes to market next year, it’ll be offered with both 1.8 TSI and 2.0 TDI engines – the former mated to either a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, the latter using a six-speed DSG dual clutch or six-speed manual – but as for all-wheel drive, well… that might not make the cut. A Volkswagen spokesperson told Autoblog that 4Motion is “under consideration” for the production model that’ll go on sale next year, but as of this writing, the company is only planning to offer a front-drive SportWagen in our market.

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VW Golf to go hybrid with 190 mpg version

VOLKSWAGEN is to join the ranks of the manufacturers making hybrid cars with a new version of the Golf which will have both a petrol engine and a battery-driven electric motor – and which it says can average almost 190mpg and emit just 35g/km of CO2.

Called the Golf GTE, it will go on sale here in late August with deliveries due before the end of the year with what promises on paper to be industry-leading mpg and emissions figures.

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VW Golf Cabriolet Karmann Edition Revealed

This time of year is not ideal for shopping for Cabriolets, but Volkswagen still went ahead and announced the launch of the new Golf Cabriolet Karmann edition. This special drop-top Golf comes with a number of exterior and interior appointments that make it look and feel classier. It is priced at 27 275 Euro.

The VW Golf Cabriolet Karmann Edition is Wilhelm Karmann GmbH, a corporate who makes some of VW’s top models such as Beetle convertible, Scirocco and Golf Convertible. On the outside, this model features Karmann logo on the front fenders, 17-inch alloy wheels of type “Porto” and chrome surrounds on front fog lamps and air intake grilles.

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1,150 HP VW Golf Sleeper Accelerates like a Bike (w/ Video)

Watching motorcycle speedometers at full blow always makes a car aficionado feel a bit frustrated, lusting for that otherworldly needle ascension. Well, there are come cars that can pull this kind of trick and we’re here to show you one of the most amusing.

We’re talking about an Mk2 Volkswagen Golf, which delivers no less than 1,150 Nm and 763 lb-ft (1,034 Nm). The car uses a 2.0-liter 16V Turbo four-cylinder engine. This is a street configuration, which can run at a maximun of 58 psi boot on E85, featuring an extreme Turners GTX42 turbocharger.

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One-of-a-kind Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI

This new Volkswagen has a three-litre engine boasting 500bhp, can do 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds and costs a jaw-dropping £3.4 million. The Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI is a one-of-a-kind superhatch, which has more than double the power of a standard Golf GTI. With a top speed of 186mph, it is on a par with some of the world’s fastest supercars.

While it bears some resemblance to a Golf GTI, the only thing it shares in common with the big-selling German car is its windscreen.

It is slightly shorter, lower and wider than a standard GTI and has a set of huge 20-inch alloy wheels and 15-inch brakes to supply the four-wheel drive car with strong stopping power.

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VW Golf Alltrack Rendering

We’ve just stumbled upon these renderings for a chunky looking Golf Alltrack, based on the Golf 7 Variant (estate sold in the US as the Jetta SportsWagen in the US).

Volkswagen makes a number of beefed up versions of its cars, like the CrossTouran MPV or the CrossPolo, but there is only one Alltrack model, and that is based on the Passat.

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Volkswagen Golf Production Reaches 30 Million

The Golf is easily the most important car not just in its class but also for the Volkswagen brand in general. It’s the model model most people aspire to own, the best blend of practicality and compact dimensions, but also a technological showcase in its 7th incarnation.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the sales figures! As of today, Volkswagen has produced 30 million Golfs across seven generations and almost 40 years of history. The landmark car rolled off the assembly line today in Wolfsburg.

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VW launches special model: Golf Plus LIFE

Volkswagen is launching a new special model of the Golf Plus model called Golf Plus LIFE in Europe. The new model has a comprehensive set of features and is priced from $27,931 U.S. for the 1.4-liter gas version (79 hp), compared to a standard range model with comparable specification with a price advantage of $4,479. The Golf Plus is highly popular in Europe and has sold over 850,000 units. The five-door car is functional and features a higher vehicle height over the standard Golf for easier access. The Golf Plus has a raised seat position allowing driver and passenger ease of entry and exit and also provides a clearer view in traffic.

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Volkswagen Golf Mk7 teaser video

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 hatchback is scheduled to be officially unveiled on the 4th September. The new gen Golf will not only be lighter, it will also be more efficient and powerful than the outgoing variant. VW Golf Mk7 will be showcased at the upcoming Paris Motor Show which is scheduled to go live on September 27th.

Being made from lightweight materials has helped the new Golf in becoming lighter by 100 kgs compared to the outgoing model. Interiors are ergonomic, with driver’s seat back raised for additional comfort, pedals are moved further apart while shifter is also raised. Where safety features are concerned, Volkswagen is offering a new multi collision braking system which will automatically trigger the car brake booster in case of a crash.

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