Details On The 2015 Volkswagen Passat Plug-In Hybrid

The upcoming next-generation Volkswagen Passat has been confirmed to become the vehicle that will be offered as VW’s third plug-in hybrid (VW XL1 and Golf GTE are #1 and #2).

According to Volkswagen, the Passat PHEV will feature the following:

115 kW gasoline direct-injection engine with turbocharging (1.4 TSI)
80 kW electric motor
Total system output of 155 kW
Maximum torque of 400 N·m (295 lb-ft)
9.9 kWh lithium-ion battery with liquid cooling
Top speed of 130 MPH
0 to 62 MPH in under 8 seconds
Up to 31 miles of electric range

The Passat plug-in hybrid will launch sometime in 2015. Pricing and additional details will be released closer to the launch date.

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All-new Volkswagen Passat nears public debut

New Passat will be mechanically similar to the Golf and will spawn a hybrid version

The all-new Volkswagen Passat is close to its public debut, as these latest spy shots show. Based on the largest version of the MQB platform, the Passat is one of VW’s most important models. In 2013 the Passat family was the fifth best-selling VW brand model globally, shifting 651,027 units, down from 705,784 in 2012.

The mechanical make-up of the new Passat will closely mirror that of the current Golf, with a range of downsized turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, the option of all-wheel drive and a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

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VW Passat 2015 to get classy new look

The VW Passat is the most important model in the Volkswagen range – after the Golf – and Auto Express can bring you exclusive images and details of the new 2015 car.

When the current MkVII Passat was launched in 2011, it was more of a visual refresh than an all-new model. But this time, VW will put its full engineering weight behind a family of new Passats sitting on VW’s modular MQB platform. This will include a new CC and CC Shooting Brake, but the saloon and spacious estate – revealed in our exclusive images – are due to arrive at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015.

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Volkswagen Passat turns 40

Seven generations of Passat have graced streets around the world, and today is the long-running Volkswagen’s 40th birthday. Looking at the car today, it’s hard to imagine that it was offered as a hatchback in its first and second generations, in addition to the sedan and wagon body styles. But there’s no question Volkswagen has sold a lot of Passats over the years, with over 20 million produced.

VW started delivering the B1-generation Passat on July 25, 1973, and sold it until 1980, when the second generation came out. The B2, which went by many names in different markets, was produced from 1980-87 (longer in some markets, such as China, where it was produced until 2012) and featured technology you might recognize in many of today’s VWs, such as a turbo-diesel engine option. The B3 generation was produced from 1987-93 and, styled with aerodynamics in mind, starts looking more like a Passat in this writers opinion. The B4, produced from 1993-97, was safer and had a stiffer body but followed the same formula as the previous generation.

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The VW Passat Gets Awarded Once Again

Fairly soon, the current generation Volkswagen Passat will have to purchase another trophy case if it hasn’t already. To add to its numerous accolades, the experts at AutoPacific and Autobytel recently named the sedan the top-rated mid-size car for this year’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. If that wasn’t enough, the Passat also took home the title of the Most Ideal premium mid-size. Needless to say, Volkswagen knows how to build a proper four door.

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Volkswagen Passat TDI is today’s car of the future

Summary: Looking for excellent engine performance, reliability and gas mileage, with quality construction in a roomy sedan with sporty looks that’s made in the USA? Then look no further than VW’s Passat TDI.

Over the last few weeks as I came to the realization that my move to Florida from New Jersey was imminent, I began to look into the purchase of a new car.

While I loved my two late 80′s and early 90′s Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL cars, it was time for one of them to go. The older of the two vehicles needed several thousand dollars worth of maintenance and when it came to fuel consumption it was like a thirsty elephant, getting about 10-12MPG at best on its 5.6L V8.

Additionally, the air conditioning peformance on the cars were far from optimal and I was concerned about potential reliability issues when driving the vehicle 1200+ miles down the I-95 corridor from New Jersey over the 4th of July week.

So I decided to donate the 1987 car, arranged for the 1990 to get trailered to Fort Lauderdale and look for a suitable replacement vehicle.

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2012 Volkswagen Passat: First Drive

Volkswagen’s Passat has always been a bit of a head-scratcher in terms of price relative to the mean cost of a vehicle in the midsize sedan segment; that is, it has traditionally been pricey. This leaves most insiders wondering just what exactly does a prospective buyer get for those extra dead presidents?

Well scratch no more. The all-new 2012 Passat is more spacious, stylish and, most importantly, appropriately priced. Volkswagen has made clear its intentions to take on the likes of the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, and the new price range is arguably its strongest selling point. Regardless, a drop in price may not be enough to woo buyers.

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Volkswagen lets you Think Blue in a video game

Volkswagen has launched an on-line video game that let’s you try to drive as far as you can using a little fuel as possible. If you’re good at stretching your virtual fuel you can compete for your national championship.

A new virtual fuel saving game from Volkswagen now now available for playing via iPhone, iPad and Facebook. The best players can qualify for a national fuel saving competition or win a direct wildcard for the international final, the “Think Blue. World Championship.” to be held in California.

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Auburn Volkswagen: Proud to be Vadis ‘Employer of the Year.’

Auburn Volkswagen has just been named Vadis “Employer of The Year”. It’s a great honor- but what we’re most proud of is Vadis and the wonderful people they provide us who have become part of the Auburn Volkswagen family.

If you’re not familiar with Vadis, please allow us a minute to tell you about them and their wonderful services.

The mission of Vadis is to provide people with disabilities opportunities and experiences to fulfill their economic and human potential. They began providing services to people with disabilities in 1979 and from a small agency serving 25 people in the early years, they’ve developed programs and added staff to now serve approximately 350 people per year. What hasn’t changed is their commitment to the people they serve. Vadis believes people with disabilities should have the opportunity to define what is meaningful, to choose their own life path, to be supported and accepted in doing so, and to belong. And so do we.

It’s a joy to work with this fantastic organization and the people they provide.

Vadis can help your business too. They’re dedicated to helping you recruit and retain employees with disabilities. For more information regarding our services, please contact them at