Auburn VW Makes Front Page of Automotive News

We didn’t plan to be famous, we just wanted to go for a drive. A very long drive….and to tell a story we thought needed telling. Auburn Volkswagen is blessed to have a great line of cars, and a fantastic team of folks to sell and service those Volkswagens. And while we’re flattered to get national attention from the most prestigious automotive publication in the industry, we never forget that our true purpose is to serve our fantastic customers. Thank you.

This from Automotive News great article featuring the owner of Auburn Volkswagen, Matt Welch “Videos of VW Road Trips Get Clicks, Win Customers”.

Auburn Volkswagen 12 Days of Christmas

Matt Welch of Auburn Volkswagen with his annual Holiday message. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for making Auburn Volkswagen one of the top VW dealerships in the entire Us this year. We couldn’t have done it without YOU.

Thanks to Our 1,000 Facebook Fans

Wow. Our facebook fan count crossed the 1,000 fan mark this week and we just want to say a sincere thank you to all our fans for their enthusiasm and support of Auburn Volkswagen. We’re honored, and humbled by your support. If you’re on facebook, jump over to and like us too!

Every VW Lovingly Hand Crafted

We visited the Volkswagen factory in Puebla Mexico last week. We were fascinated with what we saw. For instance, did you know that all the finish work installing the seats, cockpit, trim is all done by hand? So you could say every Jetta sold in America is ‘hand-crafted’. We also met some of nicest, hard working warm people you can imagine.